Claims Management

TerraSure for Claims Management

When an insurance claim has been made, TerraSure can help the loss adjuster or claims manager to provide an efficient and effective service. TerraSure acts as a desk-top survey tool allowing the user to visualise the property on a map and aerial photograph and use this image as a communications tool. Annotation and measurement tools allow the user to mark up the map with instructions for the site surveyor, and may indeed obviate the need for a site visit altogether. Perils risk and height information are available for query if required. Optionally, claims history data can also be uploaded to the service, so that the proximity of other claims may be viewed.

The annotated map/image can be saved for use in reports to the insurer and/or claimant, illustrating the claim and any remedial action being taken.


TerraSure has been designed to provide rapid information to support the judgement and decisions of insurance professionals. Intuitive and secure, TerraSure makes access to high value national datasets affordable for any size of organisation by charging based on actual usage.