TerraSure is a managed data service for insurance professionals accessed via a secure login from a web browser. TerraSure utilises a wide range of perils data, mapping, imagery and height data, all of which is regularly maintained, so that the user is always presented with the latest available information.

TerraSure can be used to discover information about a single location, a list of multiple locations, or a complete insured portfolio. The system will pinpoint each individual property location. It has a very flexible method of identifying an address that allows the user to enter as much or as little information as they have available to them, from which TerraSure will present a list of addresses as possible matches. This matching will take into account anomalies in address format (“The Industrial Estate, Unit 3” vs “3 The Industrial Estate”), misspelling and similar sounding terms.

Risk Analysis

  • Wide range of well-respected perils data
  • Single location or portfolio wide
  • Rapid risk rating return
  • Visualisation option with large scale mapping and aerial imagery
  • Ground and building height query support
  • Calculation of exposure within geographic area

Claims Management

  • Desk top survey tool
  • Ability to annotate with symbols, text, shapes and lines
  • Ability to measure
  • Large scale mapping and detailed aerial imagery
  • Optional view of nearby peril risks
  • Visual communication tool for surveyor instruction and insurer communication